things as they are.


spaghetti squash blossom. and bean blossom.




i don’t know what this ground cover is , but i like it.




This is actually the first morning light on Wednesday…




Kobalt dug up One of the rassberry plants I bought – the day after i planted it…. and  I didn’t think it was gonna make it- the other one(see below) started RIGHT AWAY with leaves and growing, but i was patient….. (sort of) and I see now, that it is fighting.!!!! yay!


This one is doing just fine…………





This is a flower from the majority of the shrubs in my yard. I don’t know what this is.





These blossoms are on a tree in the front yard. It kind of looks like the trees that were out front of mom and dad’s that made pods every year, but i haven’t seen pods….. the leaf pattern is very similar though.




The first of this years harvest!! Bean #1.





This is what the keyhole garden looks like. It is sloppy looking to Ted, he just shakes his head when he looks at it. The strawbales are inside in a circle, and i have things planted out of every corner of it……..


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