Everyone is safe.

On my way to work today, I heard a terrible, LOUD, Hissing/Screeching/Whistling noise , and then saw that a house was on fire…. well, the grill on the porch to be exact.

The pictures below are after the tank blew.

one 1.jpg

it had a leak in the tank, and the fire was shooting out , I did my first doughnut in the jeep , and called 911 right away.

two 2.jpg

She had to yell to stop me because i was so freaked out I wasn’t giving her information that was useful to directing the firedept there.

three 3.jpg

I was laying on the horn, because i could see cars there and i wasn’t going to go anywhere near that tank. The explosion is what woke the occupant. He ran out in his next-to-nothings. His wife and kids were not home.


there were electrical wires that were down, and snapping and cracking.


It didn’t take 10 minutes before i could tell that the inside of the house was completely engulfed. He was sitting in his truck, in shock.

Upset because ‘where are the fire trucks, where are they’ . “my dogs are in there”

I just said  “they are coming”

And then we heard POP POP POP. and i asked him ‘do you have ammo in the house?”

he nodded yes.  “why aren’t they responding? What kind of response is this?”

i just said “no response is fast enough” i didn’t know what to say.

four 4.jpg



five 5

The above pictures are when the fire trucks finally showed up. it was obvious to me that there was no saving anything that was in that house.it went so fast.


I left when the fire trucks got there, i was only going to be in the way, people were starting to gather, and i knew that if i heard the dogs, that i would fall apart. and they didn’t need a blubbering red-head on their hands.

received_10153355784040913_resized (3)

There is nothing left, i just drove by there, just the chimney sticking out of the middle of a pile of sticks.





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