Everyone is safe.

On my way to work today, I heard a terrible, LOUD, Hissing/Screeching/Whistling noise , and then saw that a house was on fire…. well, the grill on the porch to be exact.

The pictures below are after the tank blew.

one 1.jpg

it had a leak in the tank, and the fire was shooting out , I did my first doughnut in the jeep , and called 911 right away.

two 2.jpg

She had to yell to stop me because i was so freaked out I wasn’t giving her information that was useful to directing the firedept there.

three 3.jpg

I was laying on the horn, because i could see cars there and i wasn’t going to go anywhere near that tank. The explosion is what woke the occupant. He ran out in his next-to-nothings. His wife and kids were not home.


there were electrical wires that were down, and snapping and cracking.


It didn’t take 10 minutes before i could tell that the inside of the house was completely engulfed. He was sitting in his truck, in shock.

Upset because ‘where are the fire trucks, where are they’ . “my dogs are in there”

I just said  “they are coming”

And then we heard POP POP POP. and i asked him ‘do you have ammo in the house?”

he nodded yes.  “why aren’t they responding? What kind of response is this?”

i just said “no response is fast enough” i didn’t know what to say.

four 4.jpg



five 5

The above pictures are when the fire trucks finally showed up. it was obvious to me that there was no saving anything that was in that house.it went so fast.


I left when the fire trucks got there, i was only going to be in the way, people were starting to gather, and i knew that if i heard the dogs, that i would fall apart. and they didn’t need a blubbering red-head on their hands.

received_10153355784040913_resized (3)

There is nothing left, i just drove by there, just the chimney sticking out of the middle of a pile of sticks.






Saturday 27th


up at dawn, went out to capture the light. I was too slow, it had already changed!





he wasn’t willing to get up.


Kobalt and I went for a walk.



the pond is still mostly frozen over. It was difficult to keep her off the ice so we went back towards the house.



you can see there at the mouth of the creek it is melted. I also noticed a crack that spanned half the length. ..



she had a vet appt. and then we drove through the beach.



I stopped at the Windowsill. Found two used books at the right price.


now we are waiting for the jello to set and watching a movie.