Why going to Strange Loop was important to me

Robert Roland

Before I can explain why this conference was important, I should give some background about me.

I’m a thirty six year old self-taught programmer born and raised in Central California, but now living in Seattle.

I was born with a few medical conditions, mostly all affecting my eyesight and my hearing. The vision problems were apparent immediately after my birth. It’s hard to miss a baby with his eyes crossed, both pointing directly at his nose. My hearing problems weren’t discovered until several years later, when I started speaking, and I sounded like I was under water. It took nearly 10 years of speech therapy before I had gotten past many of the speech problems. It took me nearly that entire period of therapy before I could say my own first name clearly, and it still sounds wrong to me every time I had to say it. My ADHD manifests in my ability to focus among distractions, a stutter when I struggle to…

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