just like mr. noodle

a diary of a mom

{Image is a photo of Brooke at the beach yesterday. She is searching the sand for what she calls crystals – slightly hardened chips of sand that break in her fingers.}

The following conversation happened last night after dinner while Brooke and I were cocooning in bed.

She was watching Elmo’s World on her iPad and I was finishing a terribly written yet improbably compelling mystery that I picked up on the island. As soon as the conversation was over, she went back to Elmo and the Noodles, and I came here to record the conversation. Because Oh My God.

One note of warning: I typed this on my phone – with one thumb. I think you’ll understand why.

Brooke: Mr. Noodle can’t accept our apology!

Me: Why not, baby?

Her: Because he can’t talk.

Me, my voice thick with urgency: Oh, Brooke, please don’t think that. Just because he…

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