212 days of revo’lution making | my 365 project

creativity in motion

“Energy flows where intention goes” ~Unknown

212 days of revo'lution making : July 2013 | creativity in motion 212 days o’ revolution making

Month # 7 of revo’lution making has just come to an end…although in many ways when I reflect on the pieces created, the last 31 days also seem to be just starting!  This past month in particular really felt like my 2013 revo’lution intentions: simplicity, service, trust, honor, light, and stillness were really starting to come into their own beyond the small paper space I visit and create within everyday.  Definitely an on-going process in many ways! I am super grateful for these teaching moments of unfolding, abundance, growth, and challenge…inside & outside of this daily practice.

revo'lution making on the go | creativity in motion hotel revo’lution making on the go

This month I took a week of my revo’lution making on the road with me as I traveled to Michigan.  Spending time with the project each day away from home was a nice moment for…

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