Out with the old…

planting broken and bent needles in a bed of soft tofu

“All the things have their own soul.”

From a combination of aspects of Buddhism and Japan’s traditional Shinto religion comes the belief that both living and inanimate objects have a spirit and soul.

The idea is that objects that have had a hard life can, having reached their 100th birthday, awaken to life and acquire souls. These monsters or “artefact spirits” are called tsukumogami, and are largely considered harmless, though many of them can band together and turn into a dangerous mob when they reflect upon how badly they have been treated after so much hard work and loyal service. They then set out to punish people who are wasteful, ungrateful, or who throw their tools away thoughtlessly. Wikipedia has a list of “known tsukumogami” that includes a “possessed tea kettle”, an angry-looking “animated umbrella”, and “A furry creature formed from the stirrup of a mounted military commander…

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just like mr. noodle

a diary of a mom

{Image is a photo of Brooke at the beach yesterday. She is searching the sand for what she calls crystals – slightly hardened chips of sand that break in her fingers.}

The following conversation happened last night after dinner while Brooke and I were cocooning in bed.

She was watching Elmo’s World on her iPad and I was finishing a terribly written yet improbably compelling mystery that I picked up on the island. As soon as the conversation was over, she went back to Elmo and the Noodles, and I came here to record the conversation. Because Oh My God.

One note of warning: I typed this on my phone – with one thumb. I think you’ll understand why.

Brooke: Mr. Noodle can’t accept our apology!

Me: Why not, baby?

Her: Because he can’t talk.

Me, my voice thick with urgency: Oh, Brooke, please don’t think that. Just because he…

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212 days of revo’lution making | my 365 project

creativity in motion

“Energy flows where intention goes” ~Unknown

212 days of revo'lution making : July 2013 | creativity in motion 212 days o’ revolution making

Month # 7 of revo’lution making has just come to an end…although in many ways when I reflect on the pieces created, the last 31 days also seem to be just starting!  This past month in particular really felt like my 2013 revo’lution intentions: simplicity, service, trust, honor, light, and stillness were really starting to come into their own beyond the small paper space I visit and create within everyday.  Definitely an on-going process in many ways! I am super grateful for these teaching moments of unfolding, abundance, growth, and challenge…inside & outside of this daily practice.

revo'lution making on the go | creativity in motion hotel revo’lution making on the go

This month I took a week of my revo’lution making on the road with me as I traveled to Michigan.  Spending time with the project each day away from home was a nice moment for…

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School district responds after girl with special needs served lunch from trash


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PLEASANT GROVE, Utah – An eighth grade student with special needs said she feels too humiliated to return to school after she was served lunch from a trash can, and now school officials are offering further details about the incident and the steps they have taken in response.

Sierra Prince attends Pleasant Grove Junior High School, and earlier this week she was served pizza from the trash after she arrived late for lunch. Sierra and her mother spoke to FOX 13 News Wednesday about the incident, click here for their comments.

Thursday, officials with the Alpine School District said two lunch employees and an aide were involved in the decision to give Sierra pizza from the trash.

Kimberly Bird, Alpine School District Spokeswoman, said because Sierra has diabetes, there was some uncertainty among the staff regarding what she could be served at lunch time. Sierra had been…

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State Revokes Fayette Co. Animal Shelter’s License

CBS Pittsburgh

UNIONTOWN (KDKA/AP) — Dogs and cats have been removed from a troubled animal shelter in Fayette County.

Officials say 40 dogs and nine cats were taken from the Fayette County SPCA shelter today to the Westmoreland County Humane Society in Youngwood.

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State officials revoked the Uniontown shelter’s license after allegedly finding numerous sick dogs and multiple health violations.

A dog law officer on Thursday filed more than two dozen citations against the Fayette County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The complaints include failing to provide sanitary and humane conditions and failing to vaccinate an animal within 10 days.

Inspectors who visited the shelter on July 16 and Aug. 7 found sick dogs, piles of feces and an insect infestation.

“Anytime you transfer this amount of animals, some of their illnesses, if there’s anything dormant, could actually become active,” said Candy Nelson, a…

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Children staying at shelter receive back to school supplies


SALT LAKE CITY – There were more than 100 happy kids at the Road Home Shelter in Salt Lake City Thursday as donated school supplies were distributed.

The Road Home Apple Tree Program works with customers at stores like Old Navy and Staples to fulfill the back to school needs of children who are homeless.

Clothes and backpacks are among the items parents struggle to afford, and event organizers said the campaign is a way to help kids get the things they need. Event organizers said donors were so generous this year that each child received two pairs of shoes along with other items.

For more information about The Road Home, visit their website.

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