The Trace

Beautiful scenery


What’s a trace? Its a very ancient footpath. Before there was an America, the deer, bison, other animals and native Americans followed one after another, avoiding obstacles and wearing a path from one point to another.

As our country developed, certain routes became roads, but even after all that, the remnants of this, the Old Natchez Trace, remain, weaving in and around the newer Trace, reminding us of our history and helping us lift the veil of time.


The Mead cemetary, one families small mark on the Trace, remind us of their many days of labor and some notable accomplishments to the development of the region.


The region had its share of heroes, some of whom are remembered, and honored.


The beauty is everywhere.


Accomplishments of those who have gone before are sometimes honored.


But, sometimes, nature just speaks the loudest, even in total silence.

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