Ebelskiver (Danish Pancakes)

Oh yessssss…..


Hello!  I bet you’ve nearly forgotten about me; it’s been about six months since I last popped up in your inbox, but I’m still here, I swear!  I’m just in a new, skylit apartment on the top floor of a little building with trees out every window.  Here I am with stupid morning hair in our new, little kitchen.


I’m still making breakfast (almost every day, even!), and I can make all the excuses in the world to you, but they don’t matter.  What matters is that I’m here and writing again, and that I’ve whipped up something special for you all today with a nifty new pan a friend found for me at an estate sale.  She walked into our housewarming party last Sunday and said “ebelskiver!”   And I said “bless you?” and we laughed a little (but only a little because it wasn’t really that funny).


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