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A good basic ragu



It’s Masterchef Australia season here right now and it’s Italian Week. No one is more passionate about their food than the italians. There’s an indescribable pride when a recipe from a nonna is passed on in its full authenticity from generation to generation. I totally get it. My visits to Italy was always about food and I don’t remember ever having a single bad meal when I was there. Obviously we avoided tourist traps and sometimes braved the somewhat dodgy back alleys in search of the mom-and-pop type enoteca or trattoria where we have discovered countless amazing meals. Oh, Italy, I miss you so!

Great italian food is about good ingredients and getting the basics right. Many people would have their favourite pasta recipe in their back pockets. The humble ragu (a meat-based sauce) is probably one the favourites. My italian friend once told me that the ‘spaghetti bolognese’ that…

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